What we do

First, there's IPv6...

Adding IPv6 to your existing product offerings or service has several benefits:

  • Reliability

    Dual-stack means a routing failure in one address family isn't catastrophic.

  • Lower latency

    Several web companies have reported lower latency over IPv6 when accessing their content, especially from mobile devices. If you're a mobile carrier doing 464xlat, where IPv4 requires additional translation, or if you're considering CGN (Carrier-Grade NAT (Network Address Translation)), this may also apply to you.

...then there's IPv6+

When you dual-stack your network, you're only half way through the transition. Complete your transition by moving to single stack IPv6, and let Retevia provide translation to the legacy IPv4 Internet. Moving from IPv4 to IPv6+ also provides:

  • Growth

    With 340 trillion trillion trillion addresses, IPv6 is effectively unbounded.

  • Revenue

    IPv4 addresses allocated from a registry can be sold. As of March 2017, prices were about $12-$14 per address; think about how many addresses you have. One good resource for current pricing is IPv4 Auctions.

We are the world's first provider of IPv6+.

That's IPv6, plus access to the old IPv4 Internet.

At Retevia, we see a difference between IPv6-only, which is IP minus IPv4, and dual-stack, which is twice as much IP as anyone wants.