Our services

IPv4 as a Service

Our flagship offering is IPv4-as-a-Service (v4aaS). You can provide IPv6 to your users, and send all of their legacy traffic to us over IPv6, using NAT64, MAP-T, MAP-E, Dual-Stack Lite, or 464xlat. Your network can streamline toward single stack IPv6 without losing access to legacy IPv4 content.

Traffic flow analysis

Sending your information through us means we can provide you with information not just about how many bits per second are on the wire, but also what sites are most popular with your customers. We can detect which customers may be infected by a botnet, and help provide you with remediation resources. We can even detect failed connection attempts. We do security screening on traffic we pass and can provide information on security incidents.


We can help you with renumbering your network from IPv4 to IPv6, including dual-stack. We understand the complexities of provisioning, accounting for address utilization, and updating security and systems to stay synchronized.

Enterprise migration

Enterprises have, in many ways, a harder problem in migrating to IPv6. These can include updating group policies to permit IPv6 management and security systems, anti-virus support, plus firewalls, intrusion detection, and security auditing, certificate authority support, routing and switching, legacy corporate systems that may not support IPv6, bring-your-own devices and guest networks, accounting for dynamically-assigned addresses and staff training.

Building the business case for IPv6

The business reasons for IPv6 vary depending on an organization's addresses assigned, goals, rate of growth, and even the type of business. The cost or deploying IPv6 and the benefits for doing so are different for every organization. We can provide you with a free consultation, specific to your business.

White papers

Costs to Renumber and Sell IPv4 for an enterprise IT department

Organizations with allocations of IPv4 addresses may be able to sell those addresses. Whether it is profitable to do so depends on the cost to move from IPv4 to IPv6, and the market value of those IPv4 addresses.

Total Cost of Ownership of CGN

IPv6 is the long-term solution to IPv4 shortages, but many consumers will continue to have IPv4-only home electronics, and may want to reach IPv4-only Internet content.

The Supply Curve in the IPv4 Address Market

Our previous work considered the demand for IPv4 address space. In this paper, we analyze the four tiers in which addresses are likely to come to market.